Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dudes with sunglasses that have a real burnt out look to them. Somebody's ready for summer!

Actually this motif probably comes from a dark and angry place. But it's fun to joke about the dark place. And some times you got to spit in its eye.

This is going to be apart of a site redesign that I'm going to implement pretty soon. I'm shooting to add new content aside from the blog. In general I'm going to spiff up Iverstration and turn into a respectable young lady.

I'm using a blue pencil for the first time on this piece and I like it. I tried to use a type that prismacolor puts out, (it can be identified by a built in eraser, if you see one, put it down) I thought it was trash! Too waxy, doesn't take ink at all, and you have to mash down harder than you should ever have to for a preliminary drawing. A few weeks ago, I was in my local art supply store when the clouds parted and a ray of sunshine hit the Staedtler Non-Photo Blue, WoodPencil rack and now I'm hooked. It really is a good pencil and it allows you to play around with a lot of the elements of your drawing before you have to commit to anything. And for those reading this that may not be aware, the best part is, with the right settings it completely disappears when you scan or copy, hence the "non-photo" in the name.

It's actually a pretty standard drawing implement. And most commercial artists in fields like animation, comics and other illustration miscellanea have used them for decades. So I know I'm bringing up old news, but like I said, I've only used inferior iterations up to now. I finally got my hands on a quality version of these guys through Staedtler and I'm really into them now. I've turned into an art supply nerd, sorry.

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knotpile said...

I have two diff Prismacolor non-photo pencils, but not tested yet. Good info to keep in mind!