Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Boss

He's a prince, he's a god. I was playing around on the computer thinking about how I have some awesome friends. If you don't know who Thomas Stemrich is now, I promise that you will.

I used Corel Painter 11 on this one, fact is, most of my last posts have been done entirely with Painter. I use a Cintiq now, so it's pretty amazing how simple it is to get some good stuff. It's all technique not necessarily the tools, so I try to focus on that more than the fancy brik-a-brak. There are some pretty great tools out there though, and I dig on Wacom and Corel.


Patrick Keck said...

You and your Corel's and your cintiq's! No, it looks nice! You make nice with the pooter. Not me, not nice.
Comment on my blog you old so an so.

knotpile said...

This is real dope n' stuff